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    Water Softeners


What Does a Water Softener System Do?

While the reverse osmosis filtration process relies on a filter to physically remove contaminants and dissolved minerals from your water, a water softener uses ionization to replace magnesium and calcium ions with sodium, or salt ions.

After water has been softened and the magnesium and calcium ions have been replaced, you may notice a significant improvement in how your water tastes. You may also experience fewer clogs and backed up corrosion in your plumbing system and pipes. Clean and soft water will decrease the number of times you’ll need to call in a plumber. 

Our Water Softener Systems in Midland & Odessa, TX

A water softener is essential for residential and commercial properties for a variety of reasons. Hard water can create problems for your pipes due to plumbing corrosion and buildup. The particles and dissolved minerals in your hard water can also damage pots and pans when being washed, and it can even make the colors in your clothing fade or become dull. However, our water softener systems will make sure your clothes remain vibrant in the wash and that your dishware will be safe from harsh abrasives. To improve the quality and taste of your water, call our team today at (432) 203-5811 to receive an estimate. 
Water Softener Systems Midland, TX
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