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Water Purification Equipment Rental & Sales

When you need a water treatment system for your residential home or perhaps for your commercial property, let the team at Al’s Water help. Our whole home water softeners are the most effective way to solve your water problems. We can make your water softer, which will help to prevent pipe corrosion and buildup over the years. Plus, our reverse osmosis technology can filter your water to make it taste better by removing harmful chemicals and eliminating foul odors. 

If you aren’t sure which of our products is right for you and your specific application, give our team a call. The team at Al's Water Inc can explain the benefits for each model and make recommendations based on your property type and your individual needs. Our technicians will explain each component of your system and make sure you understand how to use it.

Our Products
  • Reverse Osmosis (RO) Water Purification Technology
  • Water Softener Systems

Save yourself some cash and rent with us!

If purchasing a system isn’t in your budget right now, let our team fit you with a reliable and highly functional water purification system that you can rent from us. You won’t have to deal with any unplanned high costs and you won’t see any hidden fees. When you rent a system from Al's Water Inc, our technicians will travel to your home or business for installation. After installing the system of your preference, we won’t leave until we are sure you know everything there is to know about how to operate and keep your system up to par. Call (432) 203-5811 today to learn more about our rentals and receive pricing information on your new system. 
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