Water Conditioning Treatment Midland, TX
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Water Conditioning Treatment for Midland and Odessa, TX

Water conditioning units are specialized units designed for specific contaminant removal. One of the most commonly used is a dechlorinator unit. Chlorine can cause issues such as dry skin, brittle hair, fade colors on clothes, also chlorinating the water supply has a side effect that causes an increase in trihalomethane levels. Trihalomethanes are a combination of gases that are by-products of organic matter reacting with the chlorine and are known carcinogens over certain levels. One overlooked aspect of trihalomethane gasses is that they vaporize in the air which makes them easy to inhale when showering. Water conditioners are great for targeting specific water issues. Let the professionals at Al's Water Inc know your concerns and we'll determine the solution that's best for you.

Our Water Conditioning Treatment Systems

Water conditioning can be achieved many different ways. Al's Water Inc is committed to customizing our water conditioners to our customers needs instead of the one size fits all approach. As with all our equipment, our conditioners are built per order using the highest quality parts and media in the industry with affordable pricing. Call us today to find out what best fits your family.
Water Conditioning Treatment Midland, TX
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